Olga's story


I joined the Digital Delivery team at NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) in January 2016 after completing my masters in Human Computer Interactions. It’s a fulfilling place to start a career - and you get to contribute to saving lives, which feels good.

Right now, it’s a really exciting time for our department. The government is pushing an agile way of working in digital services and NHSBT is focusing strongly on this area.

Our Digital Delivery team follows a user-centered approach to developing digital products. This means making sure we build not only what the product owner thinks is needed, but also what is right for the user.

We work in sprints, using daily stand up meetings to keep every team member informed about the progress of deliverables. Since our team members are not all based in one location, we highly rely on various online tools that help us keep track of projects.

"There are pros and cons to every research method and it’s my job to work out what’s best for each project."

We carry out user research and test low and high fidelity prototypes with users before actually designing and developing the public version of the product. This way we can discover if concepts don't work and make sure we don't waste time building the wrong thing.

What I love about my job is that I’m able to go out and get to know real users in their environment. It is incredible how much you can learn from observing people and speaking to them. Sometimes you discover things that with hindsight seem so obvious yet no one ever considered them. These are the rewarding moments that remind me why our work is so important.

The Digital Delivery team is here to make a difference, defend user needs and actively push user experience forward.