Not all nursing jobs are the same

Nursing in NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) takes place across three departments, each with their own distinctive skills, specialities and focus.

Nursing in Blood donation Services

Blood donation nurses don’t usually tend to the sick or work in hospitals but their vital work helps save thousands of lives every year.

NHSBT collects, tests and processes 7,000 donations every day from volunteer donors. These are then stored and delivered to every NHS Trust in England. Our blood donation nurses are the backbone of this process.

As a blood donation nurse, everything you do will help to save and improve lives, from safely collecting blood to nurturing our donors. It’s a unique role with great development opportunities.


Nursing in Organ Donation and Transplantation Services

Our Specialist Nurses deliver a vital role in providing information, support and comfort to potential donor and donor families and hope to all those waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.

The role of a Specialist Nurse is unlike any other nursing role, highly rewarding but also highly demanding. Our Specialist Nurses undertake a significant period of training and assessment before they can fully undertake the role.

There are currently over 7,000 people on the UK national transplant waiting list. During the last financial year, over 1,300 people either died while on the waiting list or became too sick to receive a transplant. We have strategies in place to change this and need your help to make it happen.


Nursing in Therapeutic Apheresis Services (TAS)

Our highly skilled TAS nurses use specific technical knowledge to treat patients across a broad range of clinical specialities.

TAS nurses carry out therapeutic apheresis procedures, which involves removing or collecting components of blood from patients or donors using cell separator technology. Treatments include plasma exchange for neurology, renal and haematology patients; red cell exchange in support of sickle cell disease; and stem cell harvests for bone marrow transplantation.

TAS nurses are highly skilled and provide a quality, responsive and effective specialised service. They have a high level of autonomy and the scope to drive innovation in clinical practice, including participating in and leading on audit and research projects. 

Choose from three highly rewarding nursing directions and discover a unique career that gives enormous personal satisfaction.

Help to shape our future

It’s an exciting time to join NHSBT. We are implementing progressive new developments and strategies to save even more lives and become a world leader in blood and transplant services. There are lots of challenges but even greater rewards. As an NHSBT nurse, you will help drive our success.

You’ll join a motivated team and benefit from on-going training to ensure patients, donors and yourself get the best possible care.

Ready for a new challenge?

With positions available across the country, NHSBT offers a unique and fulfilling nursing career, competitive remuneration and continuous personal development.